What are the wise tips when buying a quilt cover? 

When you are not interested in the quilt covers, it is only about a body for your quilt where you can easily wash it like a pillowcase. However, the quilt covers are more than those with different kinds. So when you are planning to choose for your bedroom, you have to think about these things before buying a quilt cover. You can also trust tobuy quilt covers in Australia.


You are not only about choosing a good design for your quilt covers, but you also have to buy the right size for your bed and doona, which is necessary. You also have to match your decor with your throws, cushions, or furniture to match everything. Some people want to fit everything, especially in their bed set. It looks more attractive when you compare the color of your room to your liking. When you love to have a vintage quilt cover, it will set a different price to a waffle quilt cover. Depending on how simple, complicated, or intricate the design will significantly affect the price.


The covers are made from different materials that you can think of. And since the prices will depend on the materials, also you have to include how easy it is to clean. It is also an advantage when you know how to take good care of the covers to last it longer. When you buy a thicker quilt cover set, it has good heat insulation. It is ideal to use during winter, and you have to change it for lighter quilt covers during the summer. When you like pets to sleep next to you, avoid buying quilt covers that are satin or silk materials. You can use a vintage quilt set for your pets that sleeps beside you. For those with sensitive skin, you can buy quilt covers that have material of cotton or bamboo. You have to know what materials are suitable for having a comfortable night.

Thread count

It is about the horizontal and vertical threads in every square 10 cm. You think the higher it gets, the more the fabric will be soft and expensive. Since it has a high thread count, it can consume the heat than letting the airflow in. And a low thread count can be comfortable to use because it allows the air in that is easier to maintain a soft feel. You have to know the ideal thread count in every quilt cover to use it at the best time.

Additional features

The additional features of quilt cover sets will depend on the design that is in the market. There are quilt covers that are adjustable for machine washing and drying. It is an advantage when you know its features to better care of the quilt covers. It can last longer when you know how to keep it correctly.