Various Women Rain Jackets 

After the summer, spring pops up unnoticed, and you have to start purchasing rain jackets. There are many rain jackets for women and men and unisex jackets. Some of them might look similar but what differs is the materials used to manufacture the jackets; some are light, and some are heavy. You require heavy material jackets so that they can protect you from the rain and leave your clothes dry while outside. 

Another thing to consider is that you should purchase a wind-resistant rain court, and one that you can breathe in should not be too tight. When buying your rain jackets, look for one with zips and vents so that there can be airflow. Other jackets also have tight waterproof zippers that protect your clothes from the rain. However, you should get a jacket that fits your daily activities and style. This article will help you know the various types of women’s rain jackets that you can purchase. 

Various categories of women’s rain jackets

1. Cuyana Classic Trench

 If you are into fashion, you want to buy a rain jacket that fits your style, and the Guyana classic trench is one of those jackets. When you wear this jacket, you will feel elegant, warm and it will protect you from the rain. This jacket is an Italian form of the jacket with a cotton coating, and you can decide to open it in case the weather becomes a bit warm, and when the weather gets a bit chilly, you can close it and change your style. This jacket is also water-resistant, which is an amazing feature, and it is something that would make you want to buy this jacket instantly. When you want to reach the place, you will look dry and amazing; this is the rain jacket. 

2. Burberry Kensington Trench coat 

Purchasing this form of jacket is something you can never regret. This jacket is manufactured in England, and it has the most durable material. One thing that makes this jacket stand out is that it was manufactured by Thomas Burberry himself hence the name Burberry trench coat. It also has a buffalo horn button making It very stylish. This jacket also has the brand, making people know that you are wearing something fashionable and elegant. For women who love rain jackets that are classy, warm and water-resistant, this is also an amazing jacket. 

3. Columbia Arcadia II rain jacket 

In case you are looking for something chic, but at an affordable price, this is the right jacket for you. This jacket will make you heavy in the rain. An amazing thing about this jacket is that it also has a warm hood that will protect your hair and makeup, making you look as amazing as when you left home. 


There are so many types of rain jackets; all you need to do is know what your taste is like to purchase something warm and something that you feel comfortable in. Always do proper research so that you can find out what warms your heart other than wasting money on something you will rarely put on.