Three ways to make your haircare routine more planet-friendly

Is your bathroom full of single-use plastic bottles or are your shelves stocked with paper-packaged soaps and refillable bottles and pots?

According to a recent survey by All Things Hair, many people feel that there are still barriers in place to creating a more sustainable haircare routine. More than anything else, respondents felt that eco-friendlier products were just too expensive, with 28.57% listing this as their primary reason for not adopting a greener haircare regime. Others didn’t want to sacrifice their favorite products, while some respondents just didn’t feel that making their haircare more sustainable would make a difference.

For those who do want to do some good for the planet, the three quick wins below are a great place to start.

Shampoo and conditioner bars

Compact and pretty, what’s not to love about shampoo and conditioner bars? They come in a range of scents, usually either loose, in recyclable cardboard boxes or in reusable metal travel tins, depending on where you buy them.

Every shampoo bar you buy means one less single-use plastic bottle is used. And the same for every conditioner bar. Given that around 20,000 plastic bottles are bought per second globally, the faster we can reduce demand, the better.

The shampoo and conditioner bar market has matured in recent years, meaning you can choose from a wide range of products that are bursting with ingredients that will naturally cleanse and nourish your hair.

Refillable products

When it comes to saving the Earth, refillable products are another excellent quick win. From laundry detergent to household cleaners, you can opt for refillable products by subscription or in the ever-growing number of eco-friendly shops that are popping up in towns and cities around the world.

From a haircare perspective, you can refill everything from daily-use shampoos and conditioners to less frequently used products, such as nourishing hair masks. As with shampoo bars, as this market grows the range of products is expanding as well as their availability. If you’ve not tried refillable products yet, it’s time to take the plunge!

Take the heat out of styling

Finally, when it comes to making your haircare more planet-friendly, it’s time to turn down the heat. Between blow-drying, curling, straightening and more, the energy consumption generated by individuals styling their hair every day is staggering.

Just a few simple routine changes can make a big difference. If you’re having a quiet day at home, for example, do you really need to blow-dry or could you let your hair dry naturally instead? The latter is not only better for the planet, it’s great for the condition of your hair as well. In fact, taking a break from using heated styling products can work wonders to revive hair that’s looking a bit over-stressed and over-styled. Even turning the shower water down by a couple of degrees when you rinse out your conditioner can help.

So, that’s it. Three easy ways to help the planet just by making a few simple changes to your haircare routine!