The tree of life necklace is as beautiful as wearing an ethnic jewelry

Many types of jewelry go in and out of fashion, but some are here to stay. Usually, these pieces are the ones full of meaning. After all, they exceed the role of being just an accessory and become a symbol used for a special purpose. So let us tell you a little about the meaning of the tree of life necklace.

Definitely, the water of life necklace is the jewel of the moment. The tree symbol is one of the most sought after lately and this has a reason to be. This semi- jewel is full of meanings that transit between various cultures and remain in history over the years. Therefore, obviously this piece would win over people who are passionate about a fashion piece and with a beautiful purpose.

Tree of life necklace meaning

The tree of life necklace has several symbolic readings. The main one refers to the search for eternal life, youth and spiritual renewal. Throughout history, the world has mentioned tree of life several times in different places. So, let us tell you a little about the meaning of this tree according to some cultures –

  • Christian definition – according to the bible, the tree of life was present in the Garden of Eden and whoever ate its fruit would have eternal life.
  • Meaning according to the Egyptians – for the Egyptians, a tree of life would be waiting for Pharaoh when he died so that he would eat the fruits to sustain himself under the rule of Ra.
  • According to Persian tradition – for the Persians, the tree of life had another name and the resin of this tree guarantees immortality.
  • Scandinavian mythology – according to this belief, under the tree of life emanated a fountain of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Mayan culture – the Mayans had the representation of the tree of our life, a symbol of great importance to the culture.

It is a powerful belief

In addition to these cultures mentioned, the tree of life symbolism was present in most cultures including Japanese, Chinese, Syrians, Greeks, Aztecs and Indians. Therefore, the mythology behind the tree symbol as a source of knowledge, wisdom and youth is long-standing. However, the Christian version is still the best today. In any case, the principles around meanings are the same. As in nature, trees are renewed and strengthened over the years. Therefore, they are a strong symbol of vitality in all these cultures. Therefore, the tree of life necklace means the search for strength to live, vitality and demonstrates the gradual and constant growth of the person. 

Family tree

The tree of life is also known as the family tree, which also makes a lot of sense. This is because the tree has a consolidated root forming a solid base, a trunk that unifies and several branches that form the branches. Therefore, the tree is a perfect metaphor for family life. Therefore, many people adhere to the tree of life necklace, also as a way to represent a family memory. It is a delicate way to wear a semi-jewel with meaning and with a charming beauty.