Simple Tips To Effectively Maintain The Quality Of Locs

After achieving the best loc style that fits your demands with the help of a hair salon in Atlanta or anywhere else, finding out how to maintain it is the next step. Proper care and maintenance are needed to maintain the beauty of your locs. If you still have no idea where to start, here are simple tips that can help you effectively maintain the quality of your loc.

Do not over-wash

Although locs are more prone to build-up and odor than loose hair, over-washing is not a good solution. It can cause numerous problems such as the dry scalp, itchiness, flaking, thinning, and breakage of locs. It is ideal to wash locs at least once per week. Also, do not wash starter locs until they have settled. 

Thoroughly dry locs after washing 

One of the most common cause of the mildew smell that locs develop is poor drying, just like how clothes get stinky when not dried properly. Using a hair dryer on low heat is best to let your locs dry. When drying, do not tie the locs. Bunch them together and cover with a clean cloth until it dries.

Properly moisturize locs

Locs might not require moisture as much as loose hair does. However, it still needs moisture regularly. Dry locs break easily. To avoid brittle locs, hydrating hair moisturizers and water sealed with lighter-weight oils will help.

Do not overdo the application of oils and other products

Anything too much is harmful. The same can be said for the over-application of oils and other products. It may cause to increase the speed of build-up accumulation and might also cause unwanted odor. Make sure to put only when you need and only the required amount.

Be mindful of twisting locs

Unnecessary and repetitive twisting locs pull the hair follicles, which may cause the loc to fall off over time. Only do twist when needing retwisting and give you locs a lot of time between locking or retwisting especially for loc styles for long hair. When retwisting, ensure it is not too tight and should not feel painful.

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