Pros and cons of proposing in public

When it comes to planning a proposal, there are so many things to consider. You need to start shopping for Valentina engagement rings, think about when you’ll propose, and how you’ll eventually get down on one knee. 

Thanks to rom coms and social media, grand proposals have become increasingly popular. These are often grand displays of affection in front of a large audience. But is a public proposal the right way to pop the question to your partner? 

Read these pros and cons to find out! 

Pro: Capturing the Moment is Easier

When you propose in an intimate setting with fewer people around, it can be hard to hide a photographer or videographer. If you propose in a public, you can easily have a crew ready and waiting to capture the special moment. 

Make sure that you can give them a clear time and place so they can get themselves in the best possible position to capture your proposal. 

Con: You have less control over your surroundings

One of the major problems of proposing in public is that you’ll be surrounded by strangers. Whilst we’re sure that most people will act normally, you simply never know what people will do. 

You could have someone photobomb your pictures, walk through your video, or even scream “he’s proposing” if you try to drop to one knee when your partner’s back is turned. 

So, if you plan to propose in public, try your best to choose a location where you can have some control over the space. 

Pro: Your Friends and Family can get involved

If your partner turns up at a location to randomly find their friends and family gathered, this can tip them off to your intentions. If you propose in public, however, they can be ready and waiting to celebrate the moment with you when you drop down on one knee. 

Con: There’ll be pressure for the “yes”

We strongly recommend that if you are planning on proposing in public, be 99% sure that your partner will say yes. If your partner is uncertain for whatever reason, having a bunch of strangers watching them will pressure them to say “yes”. 

This will lead to a very awkward conversation soon after the proposal if they didn’t really want to yes. 

Pro: Your partner may want a spectacle

If your partner has indicated that they want a grand proposal, then getting down on one knee in public is the way to go! 

Con: Your partner may be shy

If your partner is shy and doesn’t enjoy PDA, then perhaps something more intimate is the way to go. At the end of the day, your proposal should be about you and your partner. It’s really no one else’s business if you don’t want it to be. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it; the pros and cons of proposing in public. Wherever you choose to get down on one knee, we wish you all the best!