About Duende

Duende is a fashion brand specialized in handmade custom clothing for the modern woman.
High quality handmade casual fashion and knitwear are Duende's signature.

Adva Bruner a textile designer established Duende in 2007.

" I strive to design modern yet comfortable cuts, suitable for any body shape or size. I place a big emphasis on the quality of the raw materials as well as the end result."

The methods we use are taken from different cultures around the world, including hand dying, knitting, printing, felting, and more. We continue to embrace new techniques, both traditional and cutting edge, in order to deliver innovative and exciting designs.

We do our best to encourage fair employment conditions, not only for our own team but also for those who work with us.

Adva says:" My inspiration comes from travel, meeting fascinating people, and also all the little things that are part of our daily lives."

Adva is a textile and fashion designer with a passion for color, texture & traditional craft. On top of designing, She also teach at the prestigious SHENKAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & DESIGN where She studied. She's been lucky to have traveled extensively around the world a fact that influence her designs. Collaboration with designers from other design fields is also an important facet of her work.