Marion Julius Model/Beauty Influencer

Marion Julius, model, influencer, I also do acting and singing,

I’ve been in fashion magazines:

Penida, Only Monday, 17:23, Goji, IKON, Saint eight, Out and out, YRAN, KNOW and Offtown. 

And I sing at Spotify and my music is at music stores such as itunes.

My music is also at Soundcloud and at you tube. 

I am at instagram @marionjulius12

My background I did dance training, modelling diploma and acting lessons. You can google search magcloud magazines I am on front covers of Only Monday, 17:23, PENIDA and KNOW and I have also been featured inside many other magazines such as Goji, IKON, Saint eight, Out and out and YRAN. I’ve done castings for talent agencies and did some promotional work for artist and places. I’m educated completed high school and did courses. I worked also in office and retail stores I am now a Consultant for a company in USA. I wrote books they are were sold at book stores around the world. Currently I’m a Consultant for an international company and am undergoing skin care training. I’ve been in films and on TV shows and have done some commericals. I’ve worked on charity projects and did beauty pageants. I’ve participated in song writing, modelling and dance competitions. I love travel, fashion, music, art, cooking/baking, swimming, skiing, horse riding and water sports. Marion recommends Younique products Website:

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