Important Details about the Nichilin Sword

In the world of anime, the Demon Slayer has shown some of the most distinct fight scenes. The anime has not let down the fans and continues to usher in beautiful, highly detailed, and outlandish. The Demon Slayer has set the bar too high for all other anime series. In the most illustrious fight scenes of the Demon Slayer, the Nichirin Sword is wielded.

This sword resembles the Japanese-styled katanas. It is known as the most prized possession of any demon slayer.

Defining the Nichilin Sword

In a nutshell, the Demon Slayers wield their swords as their ultimate weapon for fighting demons. Using the Nichilin blade is only one way to eliminate a demon by means of decapitation. Other means include exposing demons to sunlight and another through the use of Muzan’s blood although this is not a guaranteed work for demons who hold a high rank. Demons also have the innate ability to kill their own kind and also by way of poisoning through using wisteria-induced weapons.

It’s the Nichilin blades that give the slayers the chance to compete with demons. This is a high-caliber weapon which looks like the real-life Japanese katana. Once the slayer reaches Hashira, the blade ends up being engraved with Destroyer of Demons.

The Nichilin blade is also a reflection of the sword owner’s skill, personality, and talent. This blade varies with each user. Its blade metal is known for being similar to other mythological ores like the Roman and Greek Orichalcum, which are believed to have magical properties.

How to Get the Sword

In the world of the Demon Slayer, a Nichilin blade is given to those who successfully participated in the final selection, which is depicted in the first season of the anime series. Not everyone can wield this sword since it is quite keen in its choice of honorary users. The user’s qualifications are high.

Each successful participant is given the chance to pick a special ore used in the Nichilin blade. After choosing the ore, the ore is given to the assigned swordsmith coming from the swordsmith village. Once the ore is converted, the swordsmith will deliver the sword to the newly appointed demon slayer.

What is its composition?

Nichilin blades are made of scarlet crimson iron sand combined with scarlet crimson ore. Such materials can only be found in some selected mountain peaks such as Mt. Youko or Sunlight Mountain. The climate of Sunlight Mountain is not normal, having no visible clouds or rain the entire year. This mountain is home to the most valuable ores that have been bathed in sunlight.