If You Have Wide Feet, Does Your Type Of Running Shoe Really Matter?

Running and jogging are not only safe and cost-effective forms of exercise, they are also beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing. Whether you are a youth  or a senior, jogging is the lifeblood of a healthy routine and having a wide foot should never be a deterrent. Stringers Sports Store can assist you in selecting from the finest wide fit running shoe for your foot and sport. They offer many variations for the wide-footed customer and in a variety of wide-fitting brands such as: ASICS running shoes, New Balance running shoes, Mizuno running shoes and Brooks running shoes.


  • Our wide fit running shoes are from the most reputable brands that avoid pesky corns and blisters, giving you a smooth run.
  • Our shoes allow the toes to have enough space in order to potentially prevent the toe from forming “hammertoe”- which prevents damage to your natural foot shape. 
  • Wearing wide-fitting shoes helps your feet to expand, which increases their chances of preventing bunions.

ASICS has a large selection of running shoes, and the company’s primary goal is to provide a variety of solutions for all types of runners and athletes. Wide fit running shoes from ASICS are adaptable and can be relied on for hundreds of kilometres. The groundbreaking gel technology has made waves in both local and elite echelons of athletics.  

New Balance running shoes combine fashionable appearances with superior performance, making them look significant and effortless. The excellent New Balance wide fit running shoes compete with the best kicks from every other brand now on the market. They provide wide fit running shoes for every run and every runner, from cushioned and comfortable everyday trainers to light and quick races. 

Brooks isn’t simply a company that makes running shoes; they live and breathe them. Brooks has been making wide fit running shoes for decades to help improve a runner’s performance and enjoyment while also providing the maximum level of comfort. 

Mizuno is a well-known brand that is always trying to improve running shoe technology. When it comes to wide fit running shoes, Mizuno focuses on high-quality support and smooth rides. Beginners and professionals alike can benefit from Mizuno wide fit running shoes.

Whether you’re a sprinter, an interval runner or a jogger, Stringers Sports Store is the right destination for your wide fit running shoe needs. Their wide fit running shoes are highly durable as they help you stride further and run faster.  Stringer Sports Store help you select the highest-quality, best-performing, and most comfortable shoes in the market and their endless range of the world’s leading brands account for this.  Take your game to the next level and feel confident as you purchase the best wide fit running shoes from Stringer Sports Store.