Last April, we spent a couple of weeks, enjoying NYC in spring. We had a lovely time that included great food, museums, inspiration, friends and a little business, and we decided to spend the last two days in a magical place, about 2.5 hours car ride north of the city, a place we have all heard of, Woodstock.

It’s a small town, famous for the music festival it hosted in August of 1969 (which actually took place in town of Bethel, New York…). The town reminded us of our hometown, Pardes-Hannah (a small peaceful city in Israel). We rented a beautiful rustic wooden house in the forest side of town, with a romantic fireplace, a bedroom with windows overlooking nature, an outdoor hot Jacuzzi between the tall green trees.

We left NYC with a perfect spring weather and arrived to a colder rainy weekend in Woodstock, our plans to hike around had to change into strolls in the close area, and the incredible picturesque spots we stumbled upon, were simply perfect for a spontaneous photo shoot, so I became a model for the day- wearing light summer dresses on the cool and humid weather...

We really fell in-love with this charming town, the little stores and coffee shops, the pastoral walks in the streets, trying to imagine what it was like way back when, in 1969, during the Woodstock Music Festival, among the flower children, with the 60’s fashion, the music, the absolute freedom, wishing we could jump in time for a little while, just long enough to watch that historical Jimmy Hendrix’s concert.

Excited and inspired, it was time to head back home. With many lovely memories we will probably return…





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