Limited Edition Capsule Collection


Limited Edition Capsule Collection

You must have read all about our new fun capsule collection in our email earlier today (if you are not signed up to our mailing list, you should join now…). If you are here, it means you want to read all about my group of inspiring women.

For the past 9 years, I have surrounded myself with amazing goddesses, women who are pure inspiration, each of them in her own way have touched Duende with a magic wand and made it the brand it is today.

This project was designed to show them the appreciation they deserve. Here are their stories:


My amazing photographer that has been photographing for me in the past seasons, we were introduced through Facebook, and have been working together ever since. She’s the person behind the camera, my inspiration for what is a good Duende photo, she helped me understand the Duende look, and what is the best way to tell you the Duende story.

Noa choose the mini dress in sage.



My social media and marketing expert. She is an instagram maverick and a dear friend, which helps me look at Duende with a fresh set of eyes, to organize my ideas and my thoughts and with some styling for the photo shoots!

Avital chose the maxi dress in stone wash grey cotton (which, actually bc she’s so tall, looks more like a midi dress…)



My seamstress, with wonderful attention to details and vast understanding of different sewing techniques and the human body, she is the one who makes you the most amazing garments to order. 

Katie chose the maxi dress in sage.



A talented graphic designer; she is the one behind our beautiful graphics and ads.

Sharon chose the maxi dress in stone wash grey cotton.



The owner of the coffee shop that is located right next to my studio. She keeps me up and running with refreshing shakes, exceptional vegan food and a great spot to sit in a relax in the middle of the day.

Gabby chose a mini dress in stone.



A very dear friend who is not only a talented potter but also my pottery teacher. My weekly meetings with Liat are mindblowing and are a constant source for inspiration.

Liat chose a sage top and a denim blue pants.


The woman behind the words you read, the one person who is helping me to put my thoughts into words, a fellow designer who is my confidant in all things colors and inspiration, and a reason to go to NYC often.

Nophar chose the maxi in stone.


And me, I am wearing a stone wash grey cotton top and navy cropped pants.


I gather you now know how and why these women influence me so much and why I adore each and any one of them.


Hop on to our website and enjoy this beautiful limited edition collection.



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