India Love


India Love

Going back to India, after 10 years, was an incredible experience. Unlike the first time you visit there, when everything is so overwhelming, coming back to the subcontinent is a little like coming back to a neighbourhood you once lived in, where everyone is familiar and everything is pretty much the same as you remembered.

India is not for the fainted heart, one is likely to be overpowered by the aroma, which can be sweet than spicy, enchanting than nasty in one whiff.  

India is a land of contradictions. Vivid colors on a grey almost depressing concrete background, the peacefulness of the sea (or yoga) vs. the noisy sounds of an uber busy city center, new flavors, new scents, new fruit you have never seen before, silks and fabrics being touched, flowers everywhere, every one of your 5 senses is invited to participate whether they want to or not. 

We’re back in the studio, more inspired than ever, and more determined not to wait 10 years again before we go back to this magnificent place.



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