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Harem Love

Harem Love

It’s been more than 9 years since I started Duende Fashion, throughout the years we had many popular styles but the one that is by far the most beloved, was and is the Harem Pants. Other than it’s stylish look, the Harem pant is also one of the most comfortable pants you’ll ever own, the kind of pant you put on and never want to take off.

In 9 years, we keep manufacturing these pants, introducing it in different fabrics and styles. This item is so popular we have sold close to 1500 of them! Shipping them around the world, to 48 different countries, in all 5 continents, and over 50% of the customers came back for another pair. Isn’t that amazing?


Metallic knit harem pants, get them here.

Knitted harem sweater pants, get them here

 Knitted harem pants in jacquard knit, get them here

As I said, because of it’s popularity, I bring it back almost every season. For this fall we have it in new colors and a new knit fabric that is called Modal, and is actually one of my most favorite knits to work with. So what is Modal? It’s a form of man-made fiber, which is actually what makes it so amazing; it is strong, soft and feels like cotton but a lot more durable.

The new modal colors are eggplant, black, purple-grey and navy (and in grey stone wash in cotton), sizes are S-XL. To show you some fall love, if you purchase any of these new versions, you will get the most beautiful legwarmers, to keep you cuddly and warm this winter…

New Modal harem pants, get them here.

This offer is only available for 5 days, so make sure to hop on to the online store and get your pair of Harem pants!



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