Favorite Item: Extra Long Leggings.


Favorite Item: Extra Long Leggings.

Before I started Duende, many years ago, I was a dancer. If you ever danced in your life, you know the coolest girls in your company are the ones with the best leggings and legwarmers, the look that everyone wants to copy, actually even girls who never danced before want to copy. (Flashdance reference anyone?)

Our leggings are a staple item in our Duende fashion collection. The first design, was of very comfy basic leggings, they were OK, until one day, in the fall of 2007 I figured I would really want these to be even more warm and cuddly and fashionable, and cover my feet, dancer style, so I improved and redesigned the leggings, and remade them into the classic items you love so much!

I have been making the extra long Duende leggings in so many fabrics and colors and fiber combination, with print and in one color, knitted or sewn, bright or washed out colors. Reinventing them in any combination, just to keep you (well, and me!) happy!

Well, since I really want to make you happy… We have an exclusive offer for you, the first 6 customers to shop our leggings collection (any leggings…) will receive a very limited edition beautiful handmade tie-dye scarf!

I would love to know, which leggings are your favorite?



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