Behind the scenes- Fall Winter 16/17


Behind the scenes- Fall Winter 16/17

You might already know, there’s a new fall collection on our website, the full collection is being released slowly but, let me tell you a little secret, us, as designers, we have our collection ready, at least a season ahead. So by the time you’ll be reading these lines and going to shop the new fall collection on out website, I’ll be finishing up Spring 17 collection.

That means, that this new fall-winter collection was actually photographed sometime last April. Yes, my model gets to wear a warm sweater on a beautiful sunny spring day and look fabulously cozy in it like it’s the middle of winter. We usually have 2 sets of photographs taken, a professional studio shoot for the cloths and an outdoors one that is more of a fashion editorial shoot.

Shooting day is always so exciting! It’s that day where everything comes together and I get to see the collection on a model, and imagine you and all my customers rocking those outfits. Here is a behind the scenes look of our studio photo shoot for Fall Winter 2016:


And here are some photos from the day my photographer Noa and I took the team out for a fun photo shoot in a skate park.

It’s pretty cool isn’t it? I love my job!



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