Photo Shoot

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Photo Shoot

As a designer, one of the highlights of every season is the day of photo shoot. Oh wow, that is the day where everything you have been working on for more than 6 months, finally comes together into the wonderful vision you had months ago.


The preparation of the collection (as you read about it in a previous post) is a long process that includes everything from collecting the inspiration for the new collection, than deciding on the colors, the fabrics, experimenting with knits, than patterns and fittings and manufacturing and…. To the fun part, the photo shoot. The outcome always looks so pretty, but behind the scenes there is so much work and so many people involved in the process.


My photographer Noa Zeni, have been with me for more then 4 years, we know each other so well, she knows what Duende Fashion needs and what I like, she gets me. This year I had a new team, a new model, Vlada, a fun, funky, short haired blond beautiful girl, I saw her on someone else’s photo shoot a while back and tracked her down on Facebook, she was perfect! Every design fit her like a glove and she was the ideal match as the new Duende Fashion face.  The hair and makeup artist Mika, was a great find, she was sweet and realized exactly what I wanted, and of course the stylist Avital, a good friend who helped me figure out what would look flattering with what, match shoes and accessories and in general, helped me get the most out of every look we photographed.

We all got together on a lovely October day, to work on our spring catalogue, and some more of our lovely fall collection, everyone arrived on time and each of us knew what she was up to and what the vision was. First some fittings and makeup, than we ran some test shoots and than straight to business. We ate, we laughed, we got photographed and photographed so we can share with you what I looked like behind the scenes, and we had so much fun!


You can see some of it on our shop now and for the rest, you’ll just have to wait for spring…


Hope you enjoy it,




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