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Hi ladies,

Remember our Tie-Dye leggings post (and giveaway) from a few weeks back? And remember how I promised to do a DIY dyeing post?  Well here it is! Just a fun little project for you to do with a garment you’d like to renew and rework into your closet, or an old t-shirt you spilled something on. Hi, we’ve all been there… I will show you how to make the tie die tights, but you can dye as you wish.

 In general, you want to dye fabric and garments that are made of natural fibers like cotton and linen (silk might get ruined, so only try it, if you absolutely have nothing to loose…) or semi synthetic fabrics like Viscose (Rayon). Polyester might not work, but if you’re not sure, you can always just try.

 There are many different fabric dyes out there, like Rit Dye, I Dye, Dyelon and others. There is not much of a difference, some are available as a powder others as a liquid (easier to mix), so just choose the color you like and start dyeing or better yet, mix basic colors to create new exciting unique shades. I do that every season. It’s fun. You can also use natural dyes like beats, turmeric, purple cabbage, etc. The experimenting is the fun part.

 Some tips before we start:

  • Always wash a new garment before trying to dye it.
  • Make sure to read all the instructions on your dye box. Like temperature, what you need to add to the water and how long the garment should be in the water for the dye to have full impact.
  • Make sure to use an old pot you are not going to cook in later on, or just buy a special pot just for dyeing. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one. It should be large enough so that whatever you put in it can move freely and be steered. Around.
  • Wear an apron or anything to make sure the dye does not stain your cloths.
  • You can use rubber gloves, as the dye will stain your hands.

 The dyeing process:

  • Boil a pot of water (again, remember to read what the dye-water ratio is).
  • In a separate container mix the dye with a lot of salt (for natural fibers, vinegar for synthetic) and than with a little bit of hot water until it’s a smooth concentrated liquid

  • Pour the dye solution into your pot (that is why liquid dyes are easier to use, just add the salt into the water and pour the liquid in).

  • While the water and the dye are warming up to the right temperature, you prepare the garment for the dyeing process. Since we are making a tie-dye pattern, I used solid color leggings, folded them and wrapped rubber bands around it. It’ll hold it together and create those stripes we’d like, so make sure to create the pattern you like.

  • Put the tights in the pot, and turn the heat off. Leave it in for about 30 min. you can leave it for less time if you’d like the color to be lighter.

  • Make sure to steer every once in a while.
  • Take the garment out and rinse the access color in cold water, until the water comes out clear. Only than we can take the rubber bands off of the garment.

  • Wash again and let it sit in a pot full of salt water. It’ll help the color stabilized.

  • Hand wash the item, let dry and rock it! (Make sure to wash the garment in cold water with like colors, hand dyed items have a tendency to bleed a little of the dye at every wash).

I’m looking forward to seeing your projects. Send us photos to or share on social media on instagram with #DuendeFashion or on our facebook page. 

See you soon!


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