Tie Dye Love.


Let’s talk about one of my favorite design activities for a new collection, the dyeing of the collection colors and especially about Tie Dye. As you probably know, I am a textile designer in training, my specialty is knitwear, but I’ve been studying many other techniques over the years that I use for my Duende Fashion collection. One of these techniques is the dyeing process of many of my knits. I love studying how the dye affects the yarn, I love developing new color combinations and I enjoy the outcome.

(Tie Dye and Dip Dyed items from previous collections, available on our website)


In every collection, you can always find new colors and new washes. I experiment with everything from an industrial dye to literally hand dyeing some of the more complicated items myself. Over the years I used different dyeing methods on my garments, such as batik, dip dye, ombre and stonewash among others. I try to keep it fresh, surprise you and myself with a new take on the classic Duende Fashion look.

In a result of my own search after the perfect color, you can always find some pots cooking on the stove, that for the untrained eye might look like a regular stew, but for me they mean a new kind of an exciting design.

In our Summer 2015 collection, I decided to go for a shibori style Tie Dye, I used our classic best seller leggings, and tied them up before cooking them in a pot to develop a refreshing cool look with a new eye catching tie dye in dazzling color combination.

Our ‘Tie Dye Leggings’ are available in 7 colorways (black base combined with another color, see chart). These babies usually go for $89.00 but for this week only you can get them for: $59.00. (Offer ends August 11th 2015)

So get shopping here.

The other little surprise we have for you, is that we are having a GIVEAWAY of a beautiful Tie Dye Leggings in the color of your choice!

All you have to do is:

  1. Follow our Instagram account: DuendeFashion 
  2. Like our giveaway post
  3. Tag a friend you think would like to win the leggings…

Winner will be announced on: Monday August 10th via Instagram, make sure to keep following.

Hopefully you learned another little something about my design process,

 I love sharing it with you and I’ll do a “How To” – DIY hand dyeing soon so stay tuned!



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