Our Swiss Summer Adventure or A Story About Friendship


14 years ago, while travelling Costa Rica, we met Stefan, a nice Swiss guy. We kept in touch over the years, and together with him and his, now lovely wife Flurina, we had the pleasure of travelling through Switzerland, a beautiful country, we probably wouldn't have known as well otherwise. We've been to Switzerland numerous times, travelling in their van all over the country, and to magnificent places like Croatia, Italy, France and Spain. 4 friends in a caravan, travelling and eating, laughing, hanging out, those were the days.  On their wedding day, Liran (my better half) was, and I made the brides dress. Our friendship continued through the birth of their beautiful children Zoë (5yo) and Damian (2.5 yo), but the nature of our visits have changed and we are not riding on that caravan anymore… 

(The good old days)


Two weeks ago, we hopped on a plane to Zurich, I had meetings with a couple of boutiques that carry my Duende Fashion line, so we figured it’s the perfect timing for a summer vacation. An hour and a half after landing in Zurich, Stefan and I were already having our first beer. What can I say, there’s something about the fresh air, the friends and the calmness that makes Switzerland an amazing spot for a vacation. This time around, we were travelling in the Zurich area for 5 days, enjoying the cool fresh lake water, cooling us down in the insane heat wave Switzerland is going through this summer.

(Stefan and I, having fun)

(Fields of gold)

(Camping in the woods)


After mixing business and pleasure, we said goodbye to Stefan & Florina and headed to our favorite 200 year-old B&B in the Swiss mountains, Heidi’s Guest House, next to Lac-Leman, a huge lake between Montreux, Lausanne & Geneva. The view is just breathtaking, snowy mountaintops all year round, cool morning air and green everywhere. Liran and I, are both music lovers, so we had tickets to the Montreux Jazz Festival, it’s our 4th time in this amazing event. In the 5 days we were staying in the area, we were hiking, walking, traveling and bathing in the hot springs during the daytime, and enjoying the music festival at night. Watching famous musicians like D'Angelo and Mary JBlige preform, or enjoying an unforgettable Portishead concert, the festival was just exhilarating.

(Heidi’s guesthouse)

(Spectacular view)

(On our way to Montreux Jazz Festival)

(At the Montreux Jazz Festival, Exited for the Portishead show)

On our last day, we were hiking to the lake Le Lac De Taney, though I’ve been traveling around the world for more than 20 years, and hiked in Central America, India and China; it was, without a doubt, the hardest hike I ever did.  The view was just stunning, beautiful purple flower blossom, green trees and grass everywhere, blue skies and clear water, crisp air. Cow herding in the far, their bells ringing strong, and a general feel of a Swiss chocolate ad. Every frame was heart stopping and every photo was as pretty as a postcard, totally worth the hike. Talking about inspiration to my next collection…


(Getting inspired)

(Le Lac De Taney from one side)

(Le Lac De Taney from the other side)


We came back home on Sunday night, well rested, refreshed, energized and inspired. On Monday morning I already had an important presentation. Luckily I get to reminisce on our delightful summer vacation on this blog…

Enjoy the rest of your summer,





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