The Washed Group | now on line

This edgy group is so refreshing, colorful and pretty. Made of 95% cotton, these knits are all stonewashed in a unique process, making them extra soft and comfortable plus giving them an ultra cool chic.
In this group, the garments have a fresh take on our basics; you can call them basic with a twist. Inspired by the palm trees intricate complexity, detailed cuts, slits and pockets have been inserted in unexpected places in some unexpected ways.
This collection includes 11 different tops and bottoms, like a new take on our classic leggings, capri pants, raglan top, tunics, the pocket dress, a skirt and even shorts. All available in Mint Green & Blue, and in Light Grey & Charcoal, so you have a variety of options from naturals to brights.
Prices are 116$-220$, sizes range from XS-XL 
And don’t forget, ‘What's cooler than being cool? (Ice cold!)’.
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