Stormy Weather.

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On a crazy stormy day, my photographer Noa (aka Noa Zeni) and I packed some sweaters a model and a warm blanket and went for a photo-shoot at the beach.

Noa and I have been trying to do something a bit different from our usual catalogue shooting for a while. When she heard a sand storm turning in to a rainstorm is coming to our area, she immediately called and offered this crazy adventure, well, you know me by now, so of course I said, YES!

Thinking about who will be brave enough to be our model, we contacted a surfer friend, her name is Nofar, she is gorgeous, edgy, natural and the Duende Fashion garments looks fantastic on her. In general, she is just too cool for school. After fittings, we decided to go for a mix of current and previous collection garments (the link is in the photos) and some of our FW15 pieces (yes we’re already in the making a year ahead).

As expected, the shoot was adventurous, it was cold and windy, the day started with a yellow hue from the crazy sand storm going on, we could hardly see where we were going. I was holding a warm blanket, keeping Nofar warm, while Noa was looking for the perfect frame, than, when I moved out of the frame, magic happened. The winds on the beach made the perfect background and movement for our knitwear. Nofar’s hair was wild, Noa was photographing, fighting the wind, moving like she is shooting under fire in a war zone, and I, I was trying not to fly off and find myself in Oz.

The mix of the wind, the sand, the beach, the waves, nature spoke to us in it’s full force. It was an amazing experience, with mesmerizing results. Here are a few of the final photos, what do you think?






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