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It’s a New Year, and I found a new home. Well, Duende found a new home, for me and the brand and the team. I am so excited, we finally have a beautiful studio and showroom to call our own. 


In the past 5 years, I became a self made brand owner, while my knitwear business was growing in my home studio, it was cozy and, well, lets call it homey. I’ve been dreaming of moving to a bigger space, where we can design and manufacture, have parties, teach classes, have somewhere the customers can come and visit us and where we can showcase our work. We wanted a place to call home, and Duende’s new studio is just that. Located in a beautiful old Bauhaus building, in a serene spot in picturesque Pardes Hanna, with a stylish feel and a lot of character, to complete the pastoral picture, our awesome terrace is overlooking the marvelous green palms road.

Our new studio space is inspiring as it sounds and is getting our creative juices flowing. I can not tell you how great it is to finally have a dedicated space for all the sewing and knitting machines, all the yarn and fabrics, and, of course, all the beautiful samples.

So we are happy here, I love collecting unique items, and in the mix we have a vintage ironing board we found in a small flee market, some new ceramic pieces, given to me as gifts by local artist friends, and we got to give new life to old knitting equipment we salvaged from a closed knitwear factory in Kiryat Gat (a city in the mid south of Israel), on one hand, we’re sad for the old factory closing, and on the other hand we’re excited to have this machine that brings such an amazing heritage with it.

a gift from Hadas Shalom

A gift from Liat Sharon

A gift from Luarie Goldshtein 

On December 17th, we had our house warming party / sample sale of some rare samples we just got back from our NYC based showroom, with a DJ, some bubbly and a lot of yarn. We had a blast.

From now on we will have an open studio once a month where everyone can just swing by and see the behind the scenes of our creative process, or if you are around at another day, you can schedule a visit by emailing me at:


And now back to the cutting table…


Happy New Year!



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