I have a new web site, it's a good opportunity to remind myself some posts from my old one, this is one of my favorites :)
( originally written on February 13th, 2014 ) 
Every once in a while, especially after launching another successful season, I take myself, my life partner and my creativity to get recharged.
There is nothing like the desert, it is the perfect mind & body retreat. Leave the daily tasks and the technology craze behind, for a few peaceful days, to ease your mind, reset, refresh and regenerate.
 desert inn we visited (khan) is all natural, built with mud and palm trees, is so quiet and calm. The only thing you can do in the desert is to relax, listen to the sounds of nature, breath the fresh crisp air, absorb some unfiltered sun and get inspired by the beautiful colors.
Going back to the hectic day-to-day, back in my studio, I’m reflecting on the weekend, my mind is wondering to the sights, the feelings, the smells and is now ready for new ideas and inspiration, as if it was a blank canvas…
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