Best Tips to Maintain Your Sneakers Sole  

Even though the fashion market has seen many new trends recently, one particular trend has been pulling off the charts rapidly, and that is the sneakers trend. Sneakers have become so popular that they are now considered an essential accessory in one’s wardrobe.

People usually buy sneakers once in a while, keeping the brand in mind. Keeping your sneakers clean and well-maintained may not have been a top priority till a few years back, but it has undoubtedly become a significant concern now. Regular cleaning also ensures that your sneakers live up to your expectations for a more extended period. 

Here are some steps involved in cleaning sneakers and Yeezy boost bred discount:

Cleaning an accessory like a sneaker can become a headache. However, you don’t have to worry since the following steps can help solve your problem.

1 – Rapid dusting

The first step is to clap your sneakers together. You tend to remove all kinds of dirt that accumulate over the sneaker’s body. If you have not cleaned your sneakers for a long time, it can be challenging to remove all the dust by just clapping.  

2 – Use a toothbrush

The next step is to get a toothbrush and scrape out the excessive sticky dirt. This way, you don’t have to scrub the wash area forcefully. Use the toothbrush to rub the soles up and down until there is no dirt left to remove.  

3 – Make a paste

Mix some liquid soap or detergent in a small mug, and use water to make a soapy solution. 

4 – Wash them

Once you are done with the dry work, you can now wash your sneakers and wipe them. This time, use a toothbrush again to apply the prepared solution for protecting the soles of your sneakers. Rub them smoothly using the spare toothbrush. Keep doing this for around 15 seconds.  

When all the dust particles appear to be diminishing, you can place the sole of your shoes under the faucet. However, use cold water and thoroughly wash them. If you still notice some stains, it is time to move to the next step. 

5 – Using sole protectors

You can find some sole protectors in the market and use them to protect your sneakers. Some brands are known to provide exclusive pre-cut guards, while others offer complete adhesive sheets. In this case, you can trim out the shape as per the sole of your sneaker and stick it accordingly. It can prove beneficial if you wish to wear your sneakers on rough terrain. With the help of sole guards, you can protect your soles from getting muddy. After that, you can take out these adhesive guards and stick them on a new sheet.   


Sneakers have become one of the trendiest footwear in recent times. As a result, it is vital to care for Yeezy boost bred discounts and ensure that they remain in top-notch condition.