Bruce Weber Talks About the Approach to Maintain When Trying to Photograph Celebrities

There are many people who dream of great fortune and fame. There are also several individuals who desire to capture this fame and showcase the lavish lifestyle of a celebrity. Behind every incredible photo of a celebrity, there would be a photographer who was well-acquainted with how to highlight the personality, confidence and aura of that person.  Landing a photography gig with high profile celebrities is definitely not easy.  However, when such a situation does arise, one has to be prepared to work fast, be professional and be assured of their own ability. They must try their best to maintain an approach similar to well-established photographers like Bruce Weber, no matter whether they are doing celebrity profile shoots at a studio or music photography backstage.

Interacting with discerning celebrities, particularly the ones the photographer might admire a lot, can be quite an exciting experience. However, in order to properly manage the celebrity and the shoot, the photographer needs to be absolutely committed to their client and craft, and not get swayed by their excitement. Photographers have to always be friendly and cordial with the guests, no matter who the celebrity is, and try their best to keep the professional and personal interests separated. Treating the celebrity much like any other client would be the best way to achieve the best possible outcomes.

It is important to understand that even if the celebrities have larger than life personas on TV, in newspapers or some other medium, at the end of the day they are merely people. Hence, they do appreciate being treated like any other client. This doesn’t mean that the photographers cannot talk about their work or show admiration. Showing sincere interest in a professional manner and engaging them in typical conversation would help the photographer to build a rapport with the celebrity, which is pretty important in any shoot. Open communication both before and during the shoot helps in strengthening the connection and understanding between two parties, which may lead to truly spectacular portraits.

Even though certain public figures can be a bit demanding to work with or have scheduling issues, a photographer needs to be prepared enough to deal with such challenges with professional discipline. Setting boundaries, trying to carefully understand the frustrations and problems of the celebrities and respecting their privacy can be helpful in easing the process.  The photographer needs to respect the situation by staying focused, rather than engaging in gossiping or giving in to the temptation of asking any personal questions to the celebrity. It is normal to be curious about the life of a favorite celebrity, but that should not get in between work.

Experienced fashion photographers like Bruce Weber effectively know how to work with celebrities, while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism. He has done ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Pirelli, Abercrombie & Fitch, Revlon and Gianni Versace, and more.