4 Reasons Why Bandhani Suits Earning Immense Popularity

The garment industry always goes through long periods of evolution, giving rise to new styles and manufacturing techniques. However, some styles are ageless. For instance, Bandhej, the famous tie and dye process to create different colourful designs and prints on the fabric, has been a trending fashion since its inception. 

Although women are more familiar with the bandhani sarees, modern generation women are also into the variety of bandhani suits available nowadays at the most reputed shops like Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas. Visit their online shop, and you will know why girls go crazy while shopping for these pieces of fashionable items. 

  • Ethnicity meets style

Come any festival or special occasion, and your office will send out the message to wear an ethnic piece on a special day. But you cannot compromise style for the sake of ethnicity. So, welcome home the salwar suits of bandhani that have truly redefined the sense of ethnic styling. 

  • You can get the latest fashionable styles for the salwar sets.
  • The three-piece items look glamorous, but the very eye- catchy fabric and the dyeing process ensure that anyone looking at it grabs the attention. 
  • No stone studying or heavy zari work will clutter the look. It will be simple, stylish, and trendy wear.

Moreover, as you don’t have to wear a saree to show off the praiseworthy bandhej artwork, it will soon become your favourite. 

  • Convenience of maintenance

Each style of the garment needs some sort of maintenance to keep it as good as 

new for a longer period. But you will be elated to know that you don’t have to put much effort into washing the salwar sets or even the bandhani dupattas with heavy designs.

  • Just arrange for dry cleaning the ones where the designer specifically mentions dry-cleaning technique. 
  • Ideally, you can keep the dupatta inside the wrapping of mul cloth for better preservation. 
  • Avoid using plastic packets for storage. 

Thus, you don’t have to think of complex storage procedures to maintain these assets. 

  • Complete details check

One of the many reasons to order from a reputed seller like Khatri is the company’s reliability. 

When you read the product details of the bandhani salwar kameezit should have all the specifications, including the dimensions. If you don’t get the idea of the dimensions, how can you buy the stitched sets? The companies even mention the length of the dupatta so that you can decide whether it will be the appropriate length for you. 

  • Options are available

Some of you really like the idea of buying the stitched salwar suits so that you can just wear them and attend the parties the moment you get the parcel. But some of you would always like the customization. 

Most of the reputed online shops sell both unstitched materials of bandhej and stitched salwar suits for your convenience. You can buy the bandhani set that you like the most. You can even buy a stitched one and then ask your tailor to make some small alterations that you may need. It all depends on your preferences for customization and fitting.